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BUS 301: West Louisville Business Resources: West Louisville

Local Market Information--Louisville, Kentucky


image of Louisville Kentucky and the United States


Please note that some of the resources listed below are national in scope, but they allow you to limit searches to the Louisville area.

West Louisville

West Louisville includes the following neighborhoods and zip codes 40203, 40210, 40211, and 40212:

Algonquin 40210
California 40203*
Chickasaw 40203*
Park DuValle 40210
Park Hills 40210
Parkland 40211
Portland 40212
Russell 40203*, 40211, 40212
Shawnee 40212

*Smoketown and parts of Old Louisville are also included in zip code 40203




Data about the population of the Louisville metro area, surrounding areas, and zipcodes within the metro area.

Economic Data

Economic statistics for the Louisville metro area as well as comparisons to competitive markets and total U.S.

Current Businesses

Directories and facts about individual businesses in the Louisville metro area.

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