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Databases for General Academic Research

These databases provide access to journal, magazine, and newspaper articles for academic research in most subjects. When using these databases, remember to:

  1. Experiment with different search terms (related words, synonyms, broader or narrower terms, etc.) to obtain the best results. Research is often a matter of trial and error, and it can sometimes take time to figure out which search terms are the best for a given research topic or question.

  2. Consider searching by combining the key concepts associated with your topic, rather than searching by entire phrases. For example, if you were interested in learning more about the influence of Twitter on social interaction, you might search "Twitter" AND "social interaction." Or perhaps "Twitter" AND "communication." Or, even more broadly, "social networks" AND "communication."

  3. Click on "full text" links to read entire articles. Use the FindIt@UofL icon to search for full text not available in the database. FindIt searches the library's other databases to see if the full text is available elsewhere.

  4. Ask a librarian for help!

EBSCO Academic: Just the Basics

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