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Honors 101 Class Activity Science: Home

Honors Library Activity Instructions

Read the first page of the article below and then respond to the questions in your small groups.

  1. What seems to be the main purpose of the article? How does it contribute to the development of new knowledge within a particular academic field? What kinds of research questions does it address?

  2. How can you tell that the article is a secondary source? How can you tell that it's an academic source?

  3. What academic fields might be interested in the issues raised in the article? Think broadly about the possibilities.

  4. If you wanted to find additional sources to explore the issues raised in the article, what kinds of key words would you use in a search engine or library database? List as many as you can.

Article to Read for Activity

Article citation: McGrath, James F. "Explicit And Implicit Religion In Doctor Who And Star Trek." Implicit Religion 18.4 (2015): 471-484.


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