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Google Scholar

Google Scholar aggregates journal articles, reports, dissertations and theses, and other material much like a database. It also uses keywords similarly to other databases so you can use quotations for phrases and AND and/or OR for your searches. 

Link it to the library website so you don't hit a paywall by going to Google Scholar and:

1. Selecting "Settings" in the top right. 

2. Selecting "Library Links" on the left.

3. Typing in and selecting "University of Louisville" and saving. 

This will allow you to do a library search for the item from the title of the item straight from Google Scholar. Return to the main search page of Google Scholar and search as you normally would. 

Here's where linking the library up to Google Scholar helps: 

Select "More" on the bottom right and either "FindIt@UofL" or "Library Search" will come up. These will take you to a page on our own library website that will tell you whether we have the item or not. 

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