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HUM 152-100: Class Activity

Our Sample Research Question

How is race depicted in comic books?

Thesis: The comic book world of Batman includes a diverse ensemble of characters that includes figures from a number of races, classes, and social environments, while the Superman cast is relatively homogenous, in terms of race. The gloomy, intense characterization of Batman allows for more realistic representations of humanity, while the more “pure” Superman figure is surrounded by characters who are similarly unrealistic. 


1. What is the source of the article? Who published it?

2. Who are the authors? What are their credentials?

3. Are sources cited? Is there a bibliography?

4. Would you use this source for your paper?


Group #1 - Google article: Superhero Diversity Takes Flight

Group #2 - Google article: Graphic Prejudice in Comic Books

Group #3 - Database article: "Black Skins" and White Masks

Group #4 - Database article: The next Superman?


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