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Research Instruments: Research Instruments


CINAHL can also be used to find information on instruments used in nursing and allied health research. CINAHL began indexing research instruments in 1994.  Each instrument record includes developers' names, title, abstract, and details about the instrument: year developed,  purpose, variables of interest, original population, question format, administration, scoring, psychometrics, copyright holders, modifications, and ordering address.
To identify instruments for a given condition or situation, do a search for the topic of interest, then limit the search to the publication type Research Instrument. To see the full listing of instruments indexed in CINAHL, type PT research-instrument in the Find box and hit search. This tells CINAHL to search for "research instrument" in the publication type field.  In addition to indexing research instruments, CINAHL also includes a record field named Instrumentation in the Display Field drop down menu. This field includes names of research instruments and abbreviations of instruments used in research studies. To search the instrumentation field, enter the search in this manner: IN beck depression inventory or IN BDI When searching by name, it is most effective to use a unique term or phrase from the name of the instrument.

PsycINFO can be used to find information on tests and instruments as well as research using particular instruments. To search the instrumentation field, enter beck depression inventory.ins. in the search box. When searching by name, it is most effective to use a unique term or phrase from the name of the instrument. A subject heading search for the name of the instrument will result in articles about the instrument: psychometric properties, analysis, evaluation, etc.  There are also limits for tests and measures (look in Classification Codes limits).

ETS Testlink
"The ETS Test Collection includes an extensive library of 20,000 tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present. ... It was established to make information on standardized tests and research instruments available to researchers, graduate students, and teachers. The tests in the collection were acquired from a variety of U.S. publishers and individual test authors.

Mental Measurements Yearbook
The Mental Measurements Yearbook, from the Buros Institute, contains descriptive information and critical reviews of more than 2,000 commercially-available standardized English-language educational, personality, aptitude, neuropsychological, achievement and intelligence tests.   MMY reviews usually provide descriptive information about the test, psychometric properties, test development and norming, and a summary including recommended uses

Health Services and Sciences Research Resources from the National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology
HSRR contains information about research datasets and instruments/indices employed in health services research, behavioral and social sciences, and public health. Includes links to PubMed searches and publishers’ web sites.

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