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Community Engagement: Community Engagement at UofL

Community Engagement at the University of Louisville

From Office of the University Provost

Community Engagement

Be acclaimed as a model metropolitan university, integrating academic excellence with civic engagement to transform Louisville and Kentucky

Achieve national recognition as an engaged metropolitan university

  • Be designated as a Community Engagement institution by the Carnegie Foundation.
  • Implement new Branding Initiative to include the vision of “metropolitan” as an attractive, vibrant place that inspires the other citizens of Louisville and the Commonwealth.

Use civic engagement and partnerships to:

  • be the intellectual and leader of our metropolitan area.
  • provide leadership and support for the arts.
  • provide community links for educational opportunities for the Ideas to Action plan.
  • provide job-related experience useful for future employment.
  • ensure strong interactions with K-12 education.
  • promote translational research, applied research, technology transfer and community based participatory research.
  • promote mission centered diversity and social action initiatives, partnering with external agencies.
  • provide excellence in health care delivery and public health

Contribute scholarly ideas and applied skills to provide educational and outreach programs and to address the problems and opportunities of cities, towns and suburbs

  • Create a Center for Urban Solutions.
  • Devise a transparent means for identifying and funding community partnerships.
  • Recognize faculty, staff and student excellence in strategic outreach programs of Ideas to Action.
  • Provide degree, track or certificate programs in Urban Solutions for local officials throughout the Commonwealth as target participants.
  • Strengthen community engagement in visual and performing arts, literary arts, humanities, historic preservation, libraries and museums.
  • Using existing and new medical center programs and the new Branding Strategy, attract people regionally to the UofL medical center for diagnosis and treatment.

Work with community partners to improve the quality of life for residents of west Louisville

  • Implement and sustain the Louisville Signature Partnership Initiative focus on the elimination or reduction of disparities in the educational, health, economic and social condition of community residents.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the efforts of community partners from government, school system, private sector, civic and community organizations to achieve program objectives.

Engage faculty, staff and students from every academic unit in the work of the Signature Partnership Initiative.  accessed December 18, 2013

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