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This guide will help you learn about potential career/employment options and locate job advertisements.

Online Job Search Tips

  • Be sure to find the complete job advertisement. Websites such as CareerBuilder will often list only a snippet of the ad with a link to the complete version. You might have to navigate through several websites to obtain the complete ad.

  • Use Google to search for websites that list jobs for particular professions, careers, and industries. Examples: HigherEd Jobs; American Physical Therapy Association Red Hot Jobs; American Bar Association Career Center; USA Jobs (Government Jobs)

  • Seek out the websites for important companies/employers in your field. Companies will often list current open positions on their websites.

  • Network with people who already work in the field. Ask them about what kind of jobs are out there and who might be hiring.

  • Explore a variety of jobs related to your skills and educational background. Try not to limit yourself to only one possibility.

Explore Potential Jobs and Careers


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