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ENG 101 Hatten: Library Session

Facebook & Wikipedia

1. What is the purpose of a Facebook profile? What information does it provide? Who is the audience for this information?

2. What kind of information is provided in a Wikipedia article? Who is the audience?

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Magazines & Journals

"The High Price of Facebook" by Daniel Lyons Newsweek (May 31, 2010)

"Examining Students' Intended Image on Facebook: 'What Were They Thinking?' by Joy Peluchette and Katherine Karl Journal of Education for Business (85:1, 30-37)


  1. Read over the abstracts and first few paragraphs of the articles you were given from Newsweek and Journal of Education for Business. How are the articles similar or different from each other? How are they different from Facebook and Wikipedia? What information is provided?


  1. Who seems to be the audience for the Newsweek article? How is the audience for the Journal of Education for Business article different? What do we know (or what can we find out) about the authors of the articles?


  1. Would any of these sources ever be useful for academic research? Explain your answer.


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