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Artists Books: A - C


Although much debate surrounds the definition of artists books, simply put, they are art works in book or book-like form, produced in small editions, whose content concerns more than just words.

The following list is a visual finding aid for the artists books housed in the Art Library's rare book room. They are arranged alphabetically by author.

Artists books shelved in the open stacks are not included on this page. However, all artists books are listed in the online catalog and can be found by doing a subject search using the term artists books.

Artists Books in the Rare Book Room

Ackerman, Libby and Ron Whitehead
Not Knowing
Rare, ex-folio PS 3573.H483 N68 2003



Adie, Megan
Rare, Folio N 7433.4 .A25 S8 2010



Aitmatov, Chinghiz
The Song of the Akyn
Rare, Folio PG 3478 .I8 P4 2002



Aly, Islam
The Square, Al Midan
Rare, N 7433.4 .A49 S68 2014



Anderson, Andrew
A vision of Order: Linocuts
Rare, Folio NE 1336 .A528 A4 2011



Artaud, Antonin
Maizum Goin: Hommage a` Antonin Artaud
Rare, PQ 2601 .R677 C315 1989



Austin, Lisa
Rare, N 7433.4 .A89 G72 1999



Austin, Lisa
Every Day Gets To Be a Long Time Ago
Rare, N 7433.4 .A89 E84 1998



Avadenka, Lynn
The Uncommon Perspective of M.E.J. Colter
Rare, NA 737 .C64 A93 1992



Bailey, Alicia
Atropa Mandragora
Rare, N 7433.4 .B345 A76 2003



Balthus, Fritz
Views Beside
Rare, Folio N 7433.3 .V54 1982



Baltiswiler, Ernesto
Rare, N 7433.3 .B324 A4 1983 v. 1-7



Barnaville, Doreen
Fading Skills
Rare, N 7433.4 .B358 F33 2000z



Barrett, Libby
Worcester Cathedral
Rare, N 7433.4 .B3726 W67 2006



Barrow, Amanda
Apollo's Stage
Rare, N 7433.4 .B373 A56 1996



Barton, Carol June
Vision Shifts
Rare, N 7433.4 .B362 V5 1998



Batista, Abraão
Um Cearense em Brasilia
Rare, PQ 9698.12 .A83 C417 1989



Batista, Abraão
O sermão da Caatinga do padre Cícero Romão
Rare, PQ 9698.12 .A83 S47 1995



Bean, Veronica
Ten Poems for Pandora
Rare, N 7433.4 .B397 T45 2005



Bell, Roberley
Rare, N 7433.4 .B444 H6 1995



Benka, Jen
A Revisioning of the Preamble to the Constitution
Rare, PS 3602 .E6642 R48 2003b



Borezo, Amy and Yvonne Rainer
Labor/Movement (seven workers)
Rare, Folio N 7433.4 .B676 L3 2012



Briand, Servane
Rare, N 7433.4 .B7512 D43 2011



Bryan, Deborah
Rare, N 7433.4.B758 F42 1998



Bryan, Deborah
I Just Couldn't Get Into It
Rare, N 7433.4 .B789 I2 2006



Bryant, Sarah
Rare, N 7433.4 .B79 B56 2010



Buckles, Laura
Your Future in Waitressing
Rare, N 7433.4 .B817 A58 1979



Burgess, Michele
A Torn Web
Rare, PS 3537 .T6817 T67 2012



Campbell, Ken
Tilt, the Black-Flagged Street
Rare, N 7433.4 .C36 T55 1988



Celender, Don
Artball Playing Cards
Rare, N 7433.4 .C4 A4 1972



Chadwick, Macy
Cell Memory
Rare, N 7433.4 .C415 C45 2002



Chalker-Tennant, Nancy
Load Expose
Rare, N 7433.4 .C43 L6 1990



Chan, Irene
Rare, N 7433.4 .C417 C4 1998



Chen, Julie and Clifton Meador
How Books Work
Rare, N 7433.4 .C436 H68 2012



Chen, Julie  
True to Life
Rare, Folio N 7433.4 .C436 T78 2004

     True to Life cover                          True to Life text


Church, Emily, Shelby Lattis, Amy Seibert
Rare, N 7433.4 .C48 E44 2005



Cicale, Annie
The Education of An Artist
Rare, N 7433.4 .C523 E3 1996



Coates, Max
Me and Sal
Rare, uncataloged



Coates, Max
Rare, uncataloged



Coolidge, Clark
On the Slates
Rare, N 7433.4 .C6452 .O6 1992



Coron, Beatrice
Le mariage de M.Anselme des Tilleuls Jules Verne notes de J.M. Margote
Rare, PQ 2469 .M29 2001



Craig, Melissa Jay
Anatomically Correct
Rare, N 7433.4 .C668 A62 2003



Craigie, Peter
Super Vision
Rare, N 7433.4 .C6683 A55 1982



Cummins, Maureen
The Poetics (of Torture)
Rare, N 7433.4 .C88 P64 2011



Cutler-Shaw, Joyce
Three Cages
Rare, N 7433.4 .C88 T57 1993



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