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ARTH 250 Ancient to Medieval Art: Home

This guide shows how to find books, encyclopedia articles, scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and blogs. It also shows how to evaluate each source's authority within a community of practice.


Due at the beginning of class, Wednesday, November 2nd.

All Students:

1. Watch the "Evaluating Authority" video on this page.

2. Click on the tab above to find the video your group is assigned to watch.  Everyone in your group needs to watch the group's video.  Your group will be assigned to you by your professor on Friday, October 28th.  

Evaluating Authority

  • BIAS
    • Consider the author's biases influencing the subject.
      • Who do they work for? What are their ambitions?
    • Consider your biases about art.  
      • What do you believe is important? Do you only like art that reflects your understanding of the world?
    • Consider sources you may have overlooked, left out, or not considered at all.
    • Does the author supply backup evidence from reputable people in the field they are writing about?
    • How did they arrive at their conclusion? Do you understand their research method?
    • How recent is a source? Does it matter whether you have the most up-to-date info about this topic?
    • Is personal experience from a first-hand source, and how long ago was the event they are describing?
    • What is the platform this information is being shared on?  
    • Is the platform reputable?  
    • Who is their intended audience?

Authority Video

  1. Turn up the volume on your device - the narrator speaks softly.
  2. Enable Closed Captions if you want to read the narration.

Video copyright New Literacies Alliance, used with permission.

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