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ART 371 Intro to Graphic Design: WorldCat Discovery

This guide will introduce students to search techniques to find books, periodical articles, and images about graphic design.

Search Tips

Carefully review information from your textbook.  Take note of related info, and use it when searching.

For example, when you are searching for Great Hypostyle Hall, it would be helpful to know when it was built (during the 19th Egyptian Dynasty. ca. 1290-1224 BC).

Be aware that spellings can differ, especially over time, and when the words are translated from their original language into English.

Example: ushabti = shabti = shawbti 

Searching for "Taharqo as a sphinx" in WorldCat Discovery may bring back a few related books.  

Search for "ancient egyptian art sudan" brings up four additional relevant books.  Think broadly about your topics and try different keywords.

The first way to see whether a book will help you is by skimming the table of contents, usually located at the beginning of a book, just after the title page.  

Many academic books have indexes, usually located at the very back of the book.  This is the best way to find out whether your topic is listed anywhere in the entire book.  Use variant spellings, synonyms, and related topics when searching indexes.

WorldCat Discovery


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