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Margaret M Bridwell Art Library

Artist Files: A

These files contain exhibit notices, brochures, articles and other ephemera on artists from the region or who have a connection to the region. This is only a list of the artists; you must come to the library to access the information.

Aa - All

Abbott, Leslie V. 
Abel, Louise
Abell, Sam
Abrams, Jane
Ackerman, Douschka Sweets 
Adams, Bob 
Adams, Dobree
Adams, James S.
Adams, Jerry
Adams, Wayman
Adkins, Minnie and Garland
Ainslie, Maud
Akers, Gary
Albin, Dianne
Alexeieff, Alexander
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Elmer Lucille
Allen, Jane Mengel
Allen, Lennox
Allen, Lorraine Boss
Allen, Roy

Alm - Arm

Almendinger, Dianne
Alten, Fred
Altman, Harold
Alvic, Philis
Alwes, Bernie
Amos, Michelle Kellond
Amyx, Clifford
Anderson, Ann Stewart
Anderson, Donald R. 
Anderson, Jonathan
Andriot, Dana
Anliker, Roger
Appel, Leonard (Marty)
Arcadipone, Diana
Arentz, Dick
Argo, Lauren
Arkenberg, LaVerne
Armajani, Siah
Armstrong, Jane B. 

Arn - Az

Arnaud, Melanier
Arnillas, Beatriz
Arnold, Catherine
Arnold, Jerry
Arnold, Robert
Arnow, Jan
Arrasmith, William S.
ARTemisia Society
Aszman, Albert
Attum, Rania
Audubon, John J
Auerbach, Keith
Austin, Arthur Everett
Austin, Lisa
Autry, Carolyn
Autry, Joe
Aycock, Maxine Gatewood

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