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ENG 102 (Baker): Home

Questions to Think About

1. Briefly look over the two texts you have been assigned.  Skim the abstract (if there is one) or the first 2 paragraphs of the text.

2. Identify who the author of the text is and find where the text was published (in other words, what is the larger context?  Is this an article from a journal? a blog? etc. What is the name of that entity?) Think about why this might be important to know?

3. Identify 3 differences that jump out at you immediately between the two texts.

4. Who is the audience for each text? How do you know? Are you included in that audience?

Find Scholarly Journal or Magazine Articles

Search Tips

  • Searching library databases is different than searching with Google.
  • You need to pull out the most important concepts or keywords from your research topic or question. Librarians can help you do this!
  • Library database allow you to search more precisely BUT that means you have to take a moment and think about the results that you want and how your keywords might be combined to produce that result.
  • If you search for more than 10-15 minutes and are not finding what you want, that's the time to call the Reference Desk 852-6747 and ask to speak to a librarian OR to use our chat service, available in both of the above databases from 10-5.

End of Class Reflection

Subject Guide

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